Our History

The Distrikt Hotel opened in August 2017 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Elements like vaulted beams, original woodwork, and the limestone exterior from 1923 remain intact.

The lobby is the original tower and the second tower built in 1927 houses the restaurant “or, The Whale”. The lobby is the old chapel and the stage is original to the building. The lounge/seating area is where the pews once were. The bottom row of wood paneling in the lobby is original and was the old gallery seating. The steel maps are paying homage to the Steel City, which is the tied into the steel neighborhood plates found in the elevators. Rugs in the lobby are custom made and designed based off the Three Rivers of Pittsburgh coming together. The yellow patterns are reminiscent of the bridges. It is open and flowing, also representing the flow of the rivers surrounding Downtown Pittsburgh.

On every floor you will find a steel step collage, featuring prominent sights and attractions from selected neighborhoods in the Pittsburgh area. The spelling of Distrikt is related back to the Dutch origins.

or, The Whale is harbored next to the Distrikt Hotel Pittsburgh in the historic Salvation Army building with it’s deep-seated iron city roots and ornate 1940’s character shining from deep within. The newly invigorated gymnasium is the new home to or, The Whale, where you’ll find a refurbished second level loft track for catwalk seating and an upstairs bar.

What was previously the gymnasium and indoor walking track, is now the onsite restaurant, or, The Whale, an upscale eatery. The original scoreboard from the gymnasium is displayed in the state-of-the-art fitness center.

The Living Wall

A living wall of lush green foliage in the lobby is not only an attractive and unique accent, but improves air quality as well as employee alertness and energy levels. You’ll also notice on the rooftop terrace a beautiful view of the city as well as year round green landscape.